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Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at
Fri Apr 27 13:35:24 CDT 2001

JT <jttaber at> wrote:
> Well, I think it is fair that people don't just complain but volunteer to 
> help out since this is basically community driven "free" software (aside 
> from whatever Codeweavers may do or what their people might be getting 
> paid).  Let me know what I can do to help out (if you want, we'll work up a 
> web page table).
> John
Err ?
What's the problem with just registering at that FAQ-O-Matic and adding
content ? ;-)
No need for fancy application database stuff yet...

We could also arrange somewhat "privileged" access for you if needed...

And yes, you're right: way too many people are incredibly passive.
They only get active if there are some things to flame about, it seems...

Our documentation still sucks ******.
And I'm sure there's some documentation area where non-coders can help,

The amount of non-Mohr FAQ-O-Matic content is rather laughable so far.
(that may be because you need to be able to debug a lot in order to really
be able to add helpful hints to that stuff, though)
OTOH there are other FOM areas that don't really need a horrible amount
of experience.  

Way too many people just say "hmm, I'd really like to help, but
[insert your favourite reasoning here]".
And then they carry on with their lives...

Again, there's a LOT of things to be done. If only you care about it.

Hmm, I will contact that volunteer who mailed last week now.

[BTW, this is a general statement, *not* directed against you !]

Andreas Mohr

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