CD-ROM Labels

Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at
Mon Apr 30 02:08:25 CDT 2001

Karl Garrison <kdgarrison at> wrote:
> I attempted to run Frogger under Wine, but it asked me to insert the 
> Frogger CD, even though it was already inserted and mounted (and the CD is 
> configured in wine.conf).

> When this happened, Wine gave the following message:

> err:cdrom:CDROM_GetLabel We don't have a way of determining the label of a 
> mixed mode CD - Linux doesn't allow raw access !!

> Okay, so Wine could not get the label of the CD automatically, but in this 
> case, shouldn't Wine default to the CD-ROM label I specified in wine.conf?  
> And indeed, I put Label=FROGGER under the drive for my CD-ROM.
Yes, it should.
And it should work.

If it doesn't, then it's a bug that should be fixed.

Are you sure the label is *entirely* correct ?

Anyway, that err is wrong, so it should be changed.
Raw access is not implemented yet, but it's perfectly possible.

(any volunteers ? ;-)

Andreas Mohr

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