Half-Life sound problem

Rick Knight rick at rlknight.com
Wed Mar 7 23:31:43 CST 2001

Daiel, can you tell me what value works for you for _snd_mixahead? Also, 
at startup I get and error messages about not being able to open an MCI 
file for playback. The error messages repeats twice and then HL starts 
but I get no CD audio.  Any idea how to correct this?

Rick (rick at rlknight.com) 

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On 3/8/01, 10:15:14 AM, krach42 at aol.com (Daniel Foesch) wrote regarding 
Re: Half-Life sound problem:

> _snd_mixahead I know you said you tried it, but you should try various 
> I finally managed to get mine to work, but it was more of a "oh, hey, it 
> than anything else.

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