WINEPS insists on using LPT1:

Lee Allen lee at
Mon Mar 12 14:07:00 CST 2001

I'm running Wine 20010305.  I am using the WINEPS driver and trying to
direct it to various printers on various ports.  It seems to output to
port LPT1 regardless of the port I specify in the registry and

Here is a simplified scenario, in which I define only one printer, on

Can any one tell me what is happening?

Follow-up question: Am I limited to 9 printers, on LPT1-LPT9?

-Lee Allen

output of wine --debugmsg +psdrv (just one relevant line, I think):

trace:psdrv:PSDRV_ExtDeviceMode16 (hwnd=0000, hDriver=0000,
devOut=(nil), Device='Wine PostScript Driver', Port='LPT1:',
devIn=(nil), Profile='(null)', Mode=0000)

<----------------------- win.ini file ----------------------->
                         (entire file)
device=Wine PostScript Driver,WINEPS,LPT2:

Wine PostScript Driver=WINEPS,LPT2:

Wine PostScript Driver=WINEPS,LPT2:

<----------------------- wine.conf file --------------------->
                         (subset only)
"LPT1:" = "/tmp/PRINTER1"
"LPT2:" = "/tmp/PRINTER2"
"LPT3:" = "/tmp/PRINTER3"

"LPT1:" = "/tmp/PRINTER1"
"LPT2:" = "/tmp/PRINTER2"
"LPT3:" = "/tmp/PRINTER3"

"ppdfile" = "/opt/leadtec/current/windows/windows/loptras.ppd"

"file1" = "/opt/leadtec/current/windows/windows/afmfiles/agd_____.afm"
"file2" = "/opt/leadtec/current/windows/windows/afmfiles/agdo____.afm"
"file3" = "/opt/leadtec/current/windows/windows/afmfiles/agw_____.afm"
(and many more)

<----------------------- system.reg file -------------------->
                       (all printer entries)

4.0\\Drivers\\PS Driver]
"Configuration File"="WINEPS.DRV"
"Data File"=""
"Dependent Files"=""
"Help Files"=""

[System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Printers\\Wine PostScript
"Default Devmode"=
"Name"="Wine PostScript Driver"
"Print Processor"="WinPrint"
"Printer Driver"="PS Driver"
"Start Time"="dword:00000000"
"Until Time"="dword:00000000"

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