Problems with Half-Life and Wine

Marion Steiner msteiner at
Fri Nov 9 05:31:49 CST 2001

In article <3bdec215$1_2 at>, Stephan Korthoff wrote:
> Hello!
> I`ve got Problems to get Half-Life to work with wine. When I try to start 
> Half-Life i just get a small part of the hl menu displayed. In the upper 
> left corner there just appears a little "Konsole" icon, and wine hangs. 
> Maybe Wine is not compatible with the German Version of HL?
> Thanks,
> Stephan

Do you get the Intro-Films of HalfLife?
Otherwise it is possible that there is a popup-window somewhere out of the 
visible screen saying "can't play MCI ..."(or something like that), and you
should click OK there. In Fullscreen it is sometimes hard to find ...


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