WineX compile problem

scott scott.nipp at
Fri Nov 9 09:03:28 CST 2001

In article <3BEBEC21.E81FD3C0 at>, "Christian Schmidbauer"
<schmidba at> wrote:

> scott wrote:
>> Thanks for the feedback...  I finally got it to work, and now I am
>> trying to get some programs to work.  Having trouble with BGII, but
>> going to keep pounding away at it.
>> Sorry for posting 4 times.  My newsgroup program seemed to hang on me
>> and I hit the send repeatedly thinking it had locked up.  )
> And what did you do to solve the problem ?

I think the key thing that solved my problem was installing the
Mesa-devel package.  Before I installed this, I was doing the configure
with the option to disable OPENGL.  After I installed this package things
seemed to go much more smoothly.

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