WineLib and Static Libs

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Mon Nov 12 21:59:46 CST 2001

I read the following on wine HQ:

  Linking in .lib Files
  You cannot use .lib files directly with Winelib. The reason is 
  that winebuild does not support reading .lib files. Support 
  for '.lib' files (or possibly even '.dll' files) could be
  added in but it is not there currently. 
    Exactly how you deal with that depends on what your situation: 
    1.if you have the sources of the library you want to link with, 
    then the best solution is to compile it with Winelib too. 

This is the same situation I have run into and I am a bit
confused by what is actually going on here. I have a Win32 
program that I am tryinng to compile and line with WineLib.

On Windows the application links with the standard set of 
Windows LIB files but it also links with three static libs 
for which I have the source code.

In an earlier version of Wine this executable would also 
compile link and run when the static libs where compiled as 
unix static libs and just linked to the WineLib application.

Now the same make files still compile but the link reports
hundreds of unresolved externals.

Is is no longer possible to use ststic libs with WineLib?

Is the only solution to make these into DLL's using

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Jussi Jumppanen.

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