Cannot install/run very important application

Norbert Zawodsky norbert at
Tue Nov 13 13:19:11 CST 2001

Hello everybody!

I've got a big problem: In my small business I use a Home-banking
software which I got
from my bank. Using it for many years now, it became very very important
for me.
Needless to say, it's a Windows software. Up to now, it was a Win 3.1
software which ran inside the Windows-Box of my ancient OS/2-PC. (The
only reason
why I still have this PC runnig OS/2).

This summer I got the new version which is a WIN-98 (I think). So I
cannot use it
on OS/2. I tried to install it under Wine on SuSE Linux 7.2 but it
didn't work. Another
difference between old an new is, that the old one does a direct
to the bank's computer via Modem, the new one uses the internet. The
modem access
will be revoked with 1st December so time is running out.

Yesterday I downloaded wine 20011108 and tried it but I have still the
same problem:

The installation starts, I click through some info-screens but when the
installation-process begins, a message box pops up. Title: "Visual Basic
Text: "Ungültiges Bild" ('invalid picture' in english).

I asked a friend to install it on his windows machine and then just send
me the
installed files. BUt when I tried to start the banking application the
message box pops up again.

So is ther anybody out ther who can help me? Which debugmessages shall
turn on? Maybe it's just a problem with some builtin/native DLLs...

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