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> Hello everybody!

> I've got a big problem: In my small business I use a Home-banking
> software which I got
> from my bank. Using it for many years now, it became very very important
> for me.
> Needless to say, it's a Windows software. Up to now, it was a Win 3.1
> software which ran inside the Windows-Box of my ancient OS/2-PC. (The
> only reason
> why I still have this PC runnig OS/2).


> The installation starts, I click through some info-screens but when the
> actual
> installation-process begins, a message box pops up. Title: "Visual Basic
> 6.0"
> Text: "Ung=FCltiges Bild" ('invalid picture' in english).
First, like David Jones already pointed out, you should definitely check out
And second, I think that "invalid picture" might be caused by missing
OLE* DLL functionality (particularly: OLEAUT32).
Try to use several combinations of native OLE DLLs.

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
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