Adobe Acrobat 5.0/wine???

b-rauschert at b-rauschert at
Mon Nov 19 09:08:28 CST 2001

Gaby Hornik wrote:

> b-rauschert at wrote:
>> Is it possible to run Acrobar Reader 5.0 with wine under Linux? If so,
>> what do I have to do? I installed Acrobat 5.0 under Windows 98 (and it
>> works), but it won't work using wine under Linux (which I would prefer
>> because I usually do not run Windows).
>> Any help?
> Install Acrobat Reader 5.0 for linux. :-)))
> Bye, Gaby

It ain't available, AFAIK :-(((

(Just checked at

Bye, Bogislav

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