WineLib Seg Fault?

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Tue Nov 20 00:54:41 CST 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote:

> Hmmm, boot_done does not appear in a +relay trace.  It does however 
> in a +all.  As Gerard mentioned, +all may trigger some traces that 
> are buggy, or as I suspect, try to trace each other recursively.  

>From what I can tell, I think the problem is most likely due 
to some un-initialised global data in my application. The is 
probably due to a slight difference in initialisation between
Windows and WineLib.

>From what little trace information there is it seems that
as soon as the my 'so' is loaded the first thing that gets 
run causes the seg fault. 

For this reason I suspect the trace messages in this case will 
not help provide any addition information :(

> Maybe a few more lines of context before it crashes would help us.  It
> might take several hundred.  The windose API is very busy, to very
> little good purpose AFAICT.

>From the failed load, after wine has loaded (ie boot_done()) the
only one function that is called in my application is:

 0806d080:trace:heap:HeapAlloc (40360000,00000002,00000018): returning
 4036168c Segmentation fault

and that fails :( 

That is why I suspect this is some sort of un-initialised global data 
in my application that is at fault.

> If you have winedbg set up properly in the registry, - 

I probably don't :(

> I change <wine>/winedefault.reg to look so:

I will give this a go.

Thanks for your help with this problem. Much appreciated.

Cheer Jussi

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