Is it possible to use wine with a journaling filesystem?

Hans-Bernhard hb.truetken at
Tue Nov 20 16:08:31 CST 2001

Hi there,

I installed my mandrake linux 8.1 with reiserfs. I would like to use wine
without my windows partition. Now I see the following text in the wine
format: Filesystem=<fstype>
default: "win95"
Used to specify the type of the file system Wine should emulate on a given directory structure/underlying file system.
Supported types are "msdos" (or "fat"), "win95" (or "vfat"), "unix".

  "win95" for ext2fs, VFAT and FAT32

  "msdos" for FAT16 (ugly)
Do I have to use ext2? Isn't it possible to use reiserfs? May I perhaps
use ext3?


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