Faking system time

Eduardo G. Andrade eduardo at ibiz.com.br
Wed Nov 21 14:08:36 CST 2001

Hello all.

I am trying to use WINE to make a windoze-only development environment (very rudimentar, command line cross-compiler and stuff)
under Linux, because GNU make is far superior from the M$'s 'nmake'.

Anyway, I have some trouble with expirating licenses and stuff, and the solution is to revert the system date back to some
valid thing and then compile.

Since I am now running it under WINE (yeah! it *almost* works great), I wonder if it is possible to hack wine so it tells
the executed program some different date and time (changing systime in Linux tends to wreak havoc with makefiles and stuff)

Can someone point out where the unix-to-windoze sysdate translation is done so I can hack it?



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