Internet Explorer on fresh wine installation

felix mr.thanquol at
Fri Nov 23 09:53:34 CST 2001

Hi there,

for an application (which is only available on windows) I need to have the
MS Virutal machine, which is supplied with IE4 SP3 and more, so I downloaded
IE 5.0 and tried to install it.
I think the main problem is, that I am new to wine and maybe my problem
isn't really a problem....
If I run "wine --debugmsg +warn IE5Setup.exe" the assistant starts and after
that crashes with the message, that it misses some components and this is
from debugmsg:

fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 (0015, 'ActiveX.Failure', 0041), semi-stub.
Please implement additional operations here !
err:setupapi:VCP_CopyFiles error copying, src: X:\IXP001.TMP\WinInet.dll ->
dst: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WinInet.dll
err:setupapi:VCP_CopyFiles error copying, src: X:\IXP001.TMP\URLMON.DLL ->
fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 (0015, 'ActiveX.Failure', 003e), semi-stub.
Please implement additional operations here !

. I don't even have a clue, what I could do?!?!? the directory exsists and
files are there. If I copy them manually it doesn't change the whole


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