Xpm nightmare!!!

Bob bobgreaves at nospam_blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 09:56:47 CST 2001

I'm a relative newbie at linux, but not a total one.

I've been trying to install wine now for about a week with some success 
but one problem still get's in the way.

I'm trying to ./configure with the following parameter..

./configure --enable-opengl-with-x

but it always finishes by telling me that I need to install the Xpm 
development package.

Right, I'm using Mandrake 8.1 and as far as I can tell Xpm IS installed.
I've even downloaded the lib4xpm rpm from ftp://rpmfind, and when I try 
to install that one, Software Manager also tells me that it's already 

What am I missing here??

I don't really want to use the codeweaver version due to the above 
./configure thing.




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