Winereal at 98%CPU and nothing happens

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Tue Nov 27 16:53:42 CST 2001

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Hatseflats wrote:

> I'm running mandrake 8.1 and i installed the mandrake RPM. If i try to run:
> wine notepad.exe winreal keeps running at 98% CPU and nothing appears on
> the desktop, i let it run for 2 hours. I dl'ed winecheck form
> and these are the results:
> ----------------------- checking registry configuration
> ------------------------
> 023. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries...    CRITICAL (entry
> TION" not found in system.reg registry file).
> - ADVICE: file winedefault.reg doesn't seem to have been applied using
> regapi.
> 024. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   OK.
> 24 tests. 0 suspicious, 1 bad, 3 critical, 0 failed.
> Wine configuration correctness score: 58.34%
> Now my question is, what can i do to make it run. maybe obvious from this,
> but i'm a newbe as you've probably guessed. How should i apply
> winedefault.reg using regapi? Much appreciated.

regapi and winedefault.reg were not in the wine rpm with Mandrake 7.2.
I hope they are now.

Well, if Mandrake has seen the light and got somebody competent to put
together their wine rpm, just find the files:

rpm -ql wine |grep regapi
rpm -ql wine |grep winedefault

If either of those fails to find something, the Mandrake wine rpm is
essentially worthless.  If you find regapi but not winedefault.reg, I
think there is wine source somewhere at  You can get a
winedefault.reg there, it is not awfully big.  Or I can mail you one.

regapi setValue -- -force <winedefault.reg
Is how I do it.
If you miss regapi, just uninstall the rpm, get the source and read the
README all the way through before trying QUICK START.  You need
pretty near the entire gnu toolchain to build Wine.

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