first timer, so go easy on me

John Freed john at
Wed Nov 28 20:40:20 CST 2001 would seem to me that rather than copying the binaries and DLL's,
you'd want to recompile it using Winelib (assuming it's in C).

Anyhow to answer your question, I haven't heard of that symptom. Tons of
debugging suggestions in the docos.

Quentin wrote:

> Hello fellow Wine users,
> I have written an app that runs in Windows and I would like to try to get it
> running under Linux using Wine.  So I copied all of my files and binaries
> from my Windows box to my Linux box (as well as all required DLLs.)
> So far I have been able to get Wine to come up and start, only giving me:
> 'FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock' and 'FIXME:pthread_rwlock_unlock' messages.
> It seems to me that my program is (should be?) running, but I do not see it
> on the desktop.
> My questions are: is this a common problem with a solution?  If not and if
> this happens to be the code in my program, is there a way that I can have my
> program (compiled under windows) output debug information while running with
> Wine under Linux?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> Quentin.

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