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Thu Nov 29 09:42:38 CST 2001

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, T REX wrote:

> Ok, so there is no flaw in the async IO thingie.
> Now when it commes to the winedbg, it ceeps asking me about a
> lot off source code from glibc and gcc and stuff
> I dont have eny source, i didnt order that with my RH, does that mean i have
> to download a lot of source, and i only have an ISDN connection.
> so i have three questions.

You only need the source to glibc if you think the bug is in glibc (it
happens sometimes, but more often the bug is in wine).  When winedbg
asks for source you don't have, give it a null response.  It will carry
on, but it can't list that source for you.
A mistake in wine can easily cause a fault in glibc or another library.

> 1. what do I need to runn winedbg?

If you get to the point where it asks you for source, it is running.

> 2. how do i run winedbg, is there eny step by step guide?

<wine>/debugger/README, <wine>/documentation/debugging.sgml and
debugger.sgml - all fairly obsolete and with an intended audience of

> 3. and what do i loock for?

start with a backtrace (bt):

info reg
info local

If it crashed in glibc, use
up [<n>]
to get to where you are in wine code.

info local

again.  help is sort of available (help and help info).  Maybe up a few
more levels with info local along the way, depending what looks
> I dont like to nag, but i have litle experiance using wine.
> The1trex
> --

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