half life: whether can run without opengl. problems with cs

Sergey V. Udaltsov sergey.oudaltsov at clients.ie
Fri Nov 30 08:22:06 CST 2001

> Go back there and "read the site carefully", they have a cvs server 
> at sourceforge whereby you can download the source code, compile and 
> run that.  It's very easy and full instructions are given.  winex has 
> enhanced features and support for games.
Probably I'll give a try...

> I believe -d3d is the option your looking for, experiment! And let us 
> know your results.
Thanks. I did not know about -soft and -d3d. Are they same as settings
in "Video Modes"?
Also, thanks for link to FAQ.

> Buy a decent laptop, then you won't get stuck in a rut :-)
:) A year ago even this one (Gateway Solo 9300) was rather expensive.
With 15' LCD and 288M RAM. But with ATI Mobility:(. It's not very often
when laptops have good 3D (especially year ago, without mobile NVIDIA

Anyway. Options -soft and -d3d did not change the story. So it seems
I'll have to get cvs from transgaming. If anyone has better (not so
traffic-consuming) ideas - very welcome.



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