Jesco Topp jesco.topp at
Wed Aug 28 10:16:16 CDT 2002

Sorry to eventually piss you off, but what do you mean by OpenGlide,
exactly? As far as I know, there's Glide, the API invented by 3Dfx and
only useable on 3Dfx-Cards (Voodoo series), there's OpenGL, started by
SGI and now developed by an industry-ARB, and Direct3D, invented by

Glide has been supported on Linux systems for a long time. OpenGL as
well (although OpenGL hasn't been OpenSourced, Linux uses a clone of
OpenGL called MesaGL). Direct3D is Win32-only, although Wine(X) is
making progress on it.

If you really mean Glide when using the term OpenGlide, then yes, games
should run under Wine. Although nowadays nobody uses Glide anymore. And
as for you stating that ATI and nVidia call it OpenGlide you should
probably know that Glide games don't run on neither ATI's nor nVidia's
cards. So why should they mention it on their site. But I'm open for
your corrections. Maybe posting a link could enlight me :)

If you mean OpenGL, then yes, such games should run as well.

- Jesco

Am Mit, 2002-08-28 um 15.01 schrieb puoti at
> Sorry, but ati and nvidia call it Openglide (And they should now
> something about graphics), well yes it is an alternative to direct3d,
> as you don't really need anything like this for 2d games, qt or gtk is
> sufficent; in any case I know the installation says something about
> openglide, but I just whanted to know if someone has got a OpenGlide
> 3D game for win to run in wine, wineinstall says something about
> direct3d too, but there isn't any real direct3d support, just go and
> read the source and you will see.
> > Yes, OpenGL is supported. While running the Wine install script it 
> > should say something about OpenGL. I have never heard it called
> > OpenGlide though. I beleave OpenGL stand for Open Graphics Library.
> > It also ain't really an  alternative to DirectX, more to Direct3D. I
> > beleave there is some support for older versions of Direct3D in 
> > Wine.

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