Oracle 8.1.7 client

BWeaks at BWeaks at
Thu Aug 29 14:56:02 CDT 2002

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to getting my ERP package to run.  GRRR.  Latest
version of Codeweaver WINE, just downloaded yesterday.  IE works, MSOffice
works well - no icons, but still runs, including JAVA.  So, WINE seems to
work OK.

The program is a Delphi EXE, using the BDE.  I can even run BDEADMIN, but
when attempting to login to the database, there is a lot of disk churning
(indicating I am running the SQLORA8 dll, I think) and then I get:

General SQL Error.
ORA03114: not connected to ORACLE
Alias:  IQORA

I also have a different app which doesn't use the BDE, and it gets a similar
(though not identical) error:

ORA-12545:  Connect failed becase target host or object does not exist.

I can connect fine in Windows.

Anybody out there able to run the Oracle assistants (via launch.exe)?  


Bill Weaks
Director, MIS
Industrial Molding Corp
806.474.1168 (fax)

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