cups printing quicken I guess wine-bugs is dead.

Alex Newman dolemite at
Sun Jan 6 13:22:17 CST 2002

Hello wine people, this is my first posting here. I am using the gimp 
printing ppd,cups and lpr on a hpdj842c. Wine release 20011226. On
Debian woody with 2.4.17. Everything rocks so far except whenever  i try
to print wine freaks out and dies. Crossover is using Wine release 20010629. 

I have tried printing in linux and it works fine. 

I also have crossover installed (I actually paid for it). And it seems to 
print without crashing. 

wine --debugmsg +winspool QW.EXE: the quicken app 

wine --debugmsg +winspool notepad.exe: a notepad clone 



crossover's wine config 


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