Multimedia module; Internet Explorer; Atomic clock sync - sundry difficulties

John Mellor John at
Mon Jan 7 17:39:10 CST 2002

After much struggle I am finally beginning to get some action from wine
(codeweavers). Can anyone help me with the following:

1)  A small program that calls an atomic clock in America to check the
time and corrects that on the computer shows its window but says
"external exception 80000100" when I ping it or leave it for a while. 

2) WebDwarf - a website builder - seems to work quite well except that
Internet Explorer will not display the site preview in HTML, although it
displays its own window OK. Neither will it show any websites when
online, saying each time - page not available, cannot find server. Can
anyone see a solution to this? Is there any way I can set WebDwarf to
use Galeon instead?

3)  Winchart - a chart navigation program - shows a window saying the
display should be set to 256 colours (as it does in Windows without
causing problems) then hangs. I get the following in the terminal:

[john at family john]$ wine "/mnt/windows/Program Files/WinC.dem/WinC.exe" 
err:mmsys:MMDRV_InitHardcoded You didn't setup properly the config file
for the Wine multimedia modules.
Will use the hard-coded setup, but this will disapear soon.
Please add a WinMM section to your Wine config file.
fixme:int31:DPMI_CallRMProc DPMI real-mode call using DOS VM task
system, not fully tested!
Warning: unprotecting the first 64KB of memory to allow real-mode calls.
         NULL pointer accesses will no longer be caught.

Can anyone help please?

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