Still no luck on command line parse

Carol Farlow Lerche cafl at
Wed Jan 30 20:24:19 CST 2002

> ...have you tried locating 
> the program in a 8.3 compliant path,
> i.d. C:\intuit\qbtimer\qbtimer.exe"

Yes, that is, in effect, my current workaround -- I defined a new Wine
volume rooted in Program Files (many pesky programs are in this tree).

As for the behavior of qbtimer itself, I believe most Windows programs
rely on the runtime environment of their compiler to parse the command
line.  Certainly programs written in C do this.  (See the discussion I
pointed to in my last mail for hairy details.)  Also, one of the
things I tried was to use the exact command line as found in the
Windows shortcut to qbtimer that was working perfectly on the Windows
desktop, prefixed by wine.  Same error in Wine: Can't find timer file
"Files/intuit/qbtimer.exe" ...

Carol Lerche

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