[wine-users] Can't get Unreal to work in opengl mode

Fabrice DELENTE fabrice.delente at free.fr
Sat Nov 23 12:37:27 CST 2002

Hello all.

I downloaded and compiled Wine-20021031.tar.gz (I did ./tools/wineinstall)

According to the config.log, it correctly found and compiled everything
about OpenGL on my system (I have a GeForce II MX card and I use the NVIDIA
2960 drivers).

I played succesfully 'Jedi Knight II' in OpenGL mode with wine; but I can't
play Unreal I (single-player game) in any other mode than software. If I set
it up to play in OpenGL mode, I get the splash screen, the screen resolution
goes from 1024x768 (my usual screen resolution) to 640x480 (the resolutoin I
chose to play in software mode), and nothing more : I get back to the prompt
with no message, no warning, nothing.

I searched on the net (I posted in alt.emulators.winex and
comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine) but didn't get any other answer than 'It
works, you should configure opengl'. Searhcing on Google and GoogleGroups
didn't give any hint.

Can anybody help me or at least give me a way to help myself?

See you.

E-mail : fabrice.delente at free.fr

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