How Do I Setup the Config File?

Shaunie nubiangypsey at
Thu Nov 28 13:47:35 CST 2002

It seems I am having problems setting up the Config file. First of all 
let me note that I am new to Linux so that's another cool point lost.  I 
figured maybe the instructions on their web site is outdated or 
something because after I run the rpm yada, yada, yada command, and try 
to configure the config file, I always get a message that says drive or 
something of another is not valid; I don't even have a ./wine directory 
like the instructions said I should have so I just created it.  But now 
I am getting very frustrated with this.  So what I have done now is 
totally uninstalled Wine and deleted the ./wine directory so I can start 
all over from scratch. What is a good directory to setup the config file 
for?  Personally, I would like it in root such as like /windows or /c: 
directory so its easier to find.

nubiangypsey at
Mandrake Linux 8.2
Build 2.4.18-6mdk

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