An app stopped working after upgrading wine

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed Sep 11 00:30:27 CDT 2002

  I have a problem with current wine (from CVS). An application, Dynatext DOC
browser from EBT, stopped working. It just opens a dialog box saying that the
DYNATEXT.INI file was not found and that it has to be either in the windows
directory or in the Dynatext directory. I verified it and it really is in the
Dynatext directory, as it used to always be, it's readable and its contents is
  I used this app very often and it never encountered such problems.
  On the other side, it's for the first time I can run Word 97 and Excel 97!
Congratulations, guys! A nice piece of work!
  What should I verify to revive my Dynatext ?
                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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