copy and paste Chinese

Stian Haklev shaklev at
Mon Apr 19 03:20:02 CDT 2004

I am using Wine to access Wenlin, a reader programme for Chinese that is 
essential to me in my studies (the only Windows programme that I cannot 
live without). It works very well in Wine, however when I copy from a X 
application (which I frequently want to do, to look up a word on a 
webpage etc), it gets copied in a weird format, it just gives me lots of 
question marks (once I got it to give me \X0443 etc, don't remember 
how). Is there a setting in Wine somewhere that enables this? (Copying 
Chinese text from one X programme to another works perfectly, and 
copying Chinese text from a Windows programme to Wenlin works as well.

Any help much appreciated.

Stian Haklev

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