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Fri Apr 23 01:52:20 CDT 2004

Am Fre, Apr 23, 2004 at 12:59:29 +1000 schrieb Darryl Luff:
> SaravanaKumar wrote:
> >>...
> >
> Thanx. but users here complain that wine is slow. Any way i will try to 
> stick to the old version(2003122).But may be i need to buy some windooz 
> for the unpatient here.

> Just for the record, I have been running mainly Office, Visio and Notes 
> on Wine for a fair while now, and also have a Windows 2000 install that 
> I dual-boot to occasionally. I haven't noticed any difference in 
> performance between Wine and Windows. Wine is more stable. The apps 
> still crash occasionally but they don't take the OS with them.

That's almost what I noticed. Wine is mainly as fast as native for the
mentioned applications and somehow as stable.

> The only problem I've experienced with Wine is compatibility. Office 97 
> runs fine but I haven't been able to get a later version to work.

Office 2000 works fine for me. You have to install DCOM98 and IE6
beforehand. I use wine-20031212 with rh9 and wine-20040309 with fc1.

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