No output when trying to run Quicken.

Blackwell, Steve at GSI steve.j.blackwell at
Thu Apr 29 12:00:34 CDT 2004


I'm new to wine so I am probably missing something fairly simple.
I downloaded and installed wine, wine-20040309-1rh73winehq, without any
problems. After reading the HOWTO to set up the configuration file, I was
able to run calc.exe and notepad.exe.

However when I try to run Quicken (2002 Deluxe), the HD crunches for about
30s and then I am returned to the prompt. No output of any kind.

What switches can I use or logs can I examine that will help me determine
what is happening?
Any other insights and suggestions are also welcome.

I am running RH7.3 with all the latest updates.


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