Wine CVS troubles.

Adam Cooper adam.cooper at
Fri Apr 30 11:06:36 CDT 2004

Hi guys,

This is my first post to this list so sorry if it breaks netiquette.

I'm having troubles with a CVS version i pulled yesterday. I'm running
Dreamweaver MX, IE6, and Office 2000. All were running fine under a CVS
i pulled in Feb. A few bugs but nothing fatal.

Heres my finding with this version.

Dreamweaver loads fine but freezes instantly when opening the "open"
dialog. Might be something to do with the new symlink structure?

IE6 seems to load fine but takes a lot longer. A look at the stout shows
that it takes a looong time processing the command: 
fixme:advapi:SetServiceStatus 0x0 0x41b23c
This seems to be called 4 times during the startup. Once it's all loaded
it works fine.

Office 2000. I only use word. It loads fine (very quick) but has a
problem with the open dialog. The drives are listed but clicking on them
will result in an error dialog saying: File not found. However, clicking
on a recent item will load it up in double quick time.
Maybe this is another symlink change error.

I started with a new config, the sample one from the docs directory, and
added all the needed DLLOverrides so it should work fine.

If anyone can help with these issues i'll be most grateful.


Adam Cooper <adam.cooper at>
University of Portsmouth

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