[Wine]Help:- it's Urgent ':('

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Thu Jul 8 12:14:55 CDT 2004

hello bee wrote:
> hi folks,
> i am a linux enthusiast and i have installed wine20031212 on my
> system, so that i can run a few windows based program including
> commercial softawres.
> while my wine installation was perfect as i can run
> notepad,paint-brush,calculator etcnow i am trying to run a software
> "Management" developed by local folks for the local market for
> windows platform and it runs on Win98 without any hiccups!!
> now when i try to run it using wine it starts and gives me a window
> with options as 1)continue 2)cancel 3)details 4)register
> now as soon as i click on ok it gives me this error message:-
> err:module:import_dll No implementation for
> shell32.dll.SHGetPathFromIDListW imported from
> L"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\comdlg32.dll", setting to 0xdeadbeef

Many fixes have been made on this part of the code this year. Try a 
newer version of Wine.

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