[Wine]Can't install Dreamweaver MX - SOLVED

Mike Hearn mike at navi.cx
Mon Jul 12 12:11:13 CDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 09:17 -0400, Angela Burrell wrote:
> Yes. It's a leftover partition from when the PC had Windows on it. (Now it
> doesn't have the OS, just Linux Mandrake 9.2). The errors are there even
> though the VFAT "quiet" flag is set. I kinda thought those messages were
> warnings, anyway :-)

Yeah you can probably ignore them but it's better to use a fake windows
drive anyway. You can get that in the latest versions just by doing:

mv ~/.wine ~/.wine.old

then running wine. Your ~/.wine directory will be recreated on the fly.

> Unfortunately, I can't install the latest Wine:
> $ ./configure
> [bunch of messages]
> configure: error: you need to install the static version of glibc to build
> Wine.

This is no longer needed in CVS.

> I googled this and found on a SuSe mailing list archive, that apparently
> only one distro even ships with static glibc and I don't even know where I
> would get it (neither did the mailing list people).

Oh, plenty of distros ship with static libcs, but you normally need to
install it explicitly. But yes this was causing problems (with crashing
on some systems as well as making Wine harder to build) so we removed

Not having it complicates the code even more but oh well, that part of
the code was pathologically scary anyway :)

> Does this apply even if the machine is cold-booted? I shut down my machine
> every single night, and the error has appeared since I started trying to do
> this (about 3 or 4 weeks now).

Yep, Wine isn't tied to your real computers reboot cycles. If you want
to reboot the virtual Windows system, run "wineboot" (but don't do that
if you're using a real Windows system as your drive C:, that's not
really tested).

> 1. $ killall -9 wine-preloader wine-pthread wine-kthread
> wine-preloader: no process killed
> wine-pthread: no process killed
> wine-kthread: no process killed
> [ I guess because I hadn't run Wine yet ]

Yeah .. this is just a general recipe for when InstallShield barfs

> 2. $ wineserver -k [ returns command prompt]
> 3. There is no Program Files/InstallShield directory, I only have Common
> Files, Common FilesREE8, and MACROMEDIA [!] directories in there. So I
> deleted Program Files/Common Files/InstallShield instead:

Oops, I guess I made a thinko :) Common Files/InstallShield is right.

> "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Dreamweaver MX. The InstallShield
> Wizard will install Dreamweaver MX on your computer. To continue, click
> Next." [I almost fell off my chair! this is very exciting after weeks of
> frustration :) ]

Good to hear it! We'll nail this stupid InstallShield eventually :)

thanks -mike

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