[Wine]Diablo 2 "No start menu found"

John Nielsen knoglen at tele2.fr
Mon Jul 19 13:18:19 CDT 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 08:29:39 +0200, John Nielsen wrote:
>> ??? I am allready using the latest release of wine. The version i have
>> installed is version 20040615. It is the same release that is listed on
>> the winehq frontpage. Do you mean its fixed in CVS?
> Sorry, the front page was not updated yet:

Thanks for the heads up on the new version. It fixed the segfault perfectly.

> As to your other problem, I'm afraid I cannot help at this time.
> thanks -mike

Thats ok. Thanks for trying. I see the other guy a few mails down has the
same problem.



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