[Wine]Problem with d/loading Wine using Synaptic

Andy Elvey andy.elvey at paradise.net.nz
Sat Feb 12 12:47:00 CST 2005

Hi all -
  I'm a first-timer here, and have been trying to install Wine from the 
new "Wine for Debian users" site (I'm using Mepis Linux which is 
Debian-based).  I'm wanting to install the latest version (20050111-1), 
and have used the "force version" option in Synaptic to do this.
  I've tried this several times,  but each time I get a "connection 
reset by peer" error, so the download doesn't complete.  The latest time 
I tried to download (just a few minutes ago), I got the message "error 
reading from server - remote end closed connection" . 
  So - has anyone managed to successfully install Wine from the above 
site?  I'm in New Zealand, so I guess it's possible that I'm trying to 
download while the site is down for maintenance or whatever.  Anyway, 
I've been very unsuccessful so far ... :-( 
  Oh - and does anyone know of any other sites (other than wine.sf.net) 
which have the latest verison of Wine in .deb format? I might have more 
luck with another site ...
  Any help or tips very much appreciated!  Very many thanks in advance -
 - Andy

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