[Wine] preparing relaunch of WineTols 0.9

Markus Winhard mw at bingo-ev.de
Wed Nov 2 11:41:03 CST 2005

>> BTW, can you tell me if it's possible to upgrade a 
>> wine20041019/wt212 installation to 0.9?
>> Or will I have to delete everything and install IE6, MSWord, etc. 
>You don't. But as of the changes made to the config file you have to
>manually change that with the new editor. >>

    Sorry, I'm not sure what this means to me. I haven't changed the 
config file manually. Maybe winetools have changed the config file for 
me but I don't know. And what's the "new editor"?

    I think others will ask the same questions. Perhaps the WineTools 
web site or some included update-readme.txt would be a good place to 
describe things like this for the upcoming winetools release?

Markus Winhard

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