[Wine] Re: Wine is very slow

David Shaw djshaw at classicfm.net
Sat Apr 29 02:31:43 CDT 2006

If you'd care to look at the 'signature' that's been appended to your 
message, you'll see that - for many of us, at least - this *is* a 
mailing list  :-)

Besides, why should it matter where we post?  Such 'attitude' as you 
call it is totally uncalled for in *any* situation - personally, I call 
it bad manners.  The kind of totally unprovoked abuse which we were 
commenting on does not demonstrate either moral, technical or 
evolutionary superiority over the rest of us mere mortals - rather, it 
simply demonstrates superior ignorance (indeed, where I was brought up 
in the English Midlands, such behaviour would have been described as 
'pig ignorant').  It is unhelpful, unproductive and totally unneccesary 
and there is no logical reason why it should be tolerated.

David Shaw

>If you don't like attitude why post in usenet?  It's not like
>this is a mailing list.
>wine-users mailing list
>wine-users at winehq.org

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