[Wine] Re: Execution DOS exe program via Wine ?

David Dawson gobble_em_up at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 16:50:48 CST 2006

DeM Zed wrote:

> Thanks guys for answers !
> I've also taken a look to dosemu... I should now test which one works !
> And Daniel, you're right : I'd better bet on a lamb and some words of
> dark magic....
> Daniel Skorka wrote:
>> DeM Zed <demzed at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes. But maybe 'wineconsole' (comes with wine) will work better for you.
>> And maybe you need something like dosemu.
>> > In fact, I would like to call an EXE DOS program from a Java WebApp
>> > running under Tomcat on a linux box ...
>> ... during the second new moon of the year, while you perform an ancient,
>> secret, native american dance, chant long forgotten, magic words and
>> sacrifice a white lamb. ;-)
>> Daniel

I've installed Freedos and used it through dosemu, I haven't used it very
extensively but the programs I installed worked; Microprose Flight
Simulator (4, I think) worked OK and TRLog (a ham radio logging program)
worked perfectly.
If you wrestle in the mud with a pig.
you both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

-- Dave Dawson

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