[Wine] App intallation fails in Wine: Check your pif file

Ossi Viljakainen ossi.viljakainen at iki.fi
Tue Dec 12 04:49:19 CST 2006

My wine installation works perfectly with many apps.
However, when I am trying to install one Win app (Parashara's Light) through
wine, I am getting the following error:

16 bit DOS subsystem:
Invalid program file name. Check your pif file.

The pif seems to be in some weird format. Cat produces following output:
cat "/[path to wine dir]/C-Fake Windows /windows/temp/dosshell.pif"
�C-Install DOS shell ��COMMAND.COM �P�MICROSOFT PIFEX�qWINDOWS 386 3.0�h��d(#

TerminalCourier NewP0,<g��������BB~�

The program is Win95 app, I think. It has the standard win installer and the
installation completed succesfully, but after clicking "Finish" I get the
error I posted above. Perhaps the intaller wants to open the command line fo
finish something - and maybe that is the part which is not working. Is there
such thing (commandline that emulates command.com) in wine? How does wine
handle pif files?
Any ideas for a workaround?

Ossi Viljakainen
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