[Wine] OOO Game switches to fullscreen although it shouldn't

Plamen Vassilev plamen.vassilev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 07:24:04 CDT 2006

Hi to all,

I have home built wine 0.9.14 on 32bit Slackware 10.2, kernel 
running on AMD64.

I recently installed the free game Out Of Order from 
It installed OK with default screen resolution of 640x480. My current 
screen resolution is 1600x1200 and I have configured wine to run all of 
the applications in a window, even if they want to switch to fullscreen. 
It usually does that, but with this game there is something strange. 
When run - it switches the resolution of my desktop to 640x480 and runs 
in fullscreen. The game runs fine, though - sounds, graphics and 
everything is OK. What is wrong is that it does not run in the wine's 
window, in fact, when I switch applications with Alt-Tab - I can see 
that wine actually has shown it's window, but it's empty and the game 
runs in fullscreen instead, messing all of my desktops' and icons' 
settings. Does this rings a bell to anyone? Or anyone else experienced 
that kind of problems?


Plamen Vassilev
Software Engineer & System Administrator

Bulgaria, Varna
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