[Wine] Wine and a simple text-mode program (Gimpel PC-Lint)

Eric Poole eric at rkt-tech.com
Tue Mar 14 18:58:48 CST 2006

I am trying to run Gimpel's PC-Lint under Wine, and am running into trouble.

It is a simple DOS text-mode program, nothing fancy, no graphics, uses 
stdin, stdout, and stderr.

It is invoked thus:

In the batch file LIN.BAT:

wine Lint-nt +v -i"C:\Lint" "C:\Lint\std.lnt"

File std.lnt is a list of optional parameters to Lint-nt that contains this:

options.lnt -si4 -sp4

    lnt is a directory containing, among other things, au-sm.lnt
    au-sm.lnt, options.lnt, and gnu.lnt contain more
          config params for Lint-nt
    -si4 and -sp4 are some more config params for Lint-nt
    -iC:\Lint\src tells Lint-nt where to look for #include files
    C:\Lint\src is a subdirectory containing the C++ files to lint.

Lint-nt.exe starts up and executes OK, until it gets to the "-iC:\Lint\src" 
and "C:\Lint\src" config params, whereupon it complains that it can't find 
that directory.

The directory C:\Lint\src does in fact exist, in the expected place.

This all runs fine in a DOS box on Windows XP with the exact same 

Any ideas what might be wrong?

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