[Wine] TortoiseCVS- Unimplemented functions in ntdll.dll causes program to terminate.

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Thu Dec 6 18:48:09 CST 2007

Jean-Claude Gervais wrote:
> Thank you, Austin!
> 	I installed Samba to obtain winbind and ntlm_auth, and it did change
> the outcome a bit:
> 	Tortoise still checks out the first file and pops up an error dialog,
> so there is no apparent difference, but the session output from Wine HAS
> changed, it has gotten quieter:
>  wine TortoiseAct.exe CVSCheckOut -f "C:\windows\Temp\TCV1.tmp" -h
> 0x300b4
> fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly
> L"Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls"
> fixme:richedit:RichEditWndProc_common WM_STYLECHANGING: stub
> fixme:richedit:RichEditWndProc_common WM_STYLECHANGED: stub
> wine: Call from 0x7bc38828 to unimplemented function
> ntdll.dll.NtQueryEaFile, aborting
> wine: Call from 0x7bc38828 to unimplemented function
> ntdll.dll.NtSetEaFile, aborting
> err:mmio:MMIO_ParseExtA No . in szFileName: "TCVS_Error"
> Sadly, it appears that it really is the two unimplemented functions
> (NtQueryEaFile and NtSetEaFile) causing the problem.
> Thank you kindly for your help in any case and if you have any other
> strategies or ideas to workaround this, I would gladly try them.
> Thanks again.
> J
As others have stated here, please file a bug against ntdll.dll and name
your program as the source of
the problem.  It may be possible to get your program to run with a
minimum of effort, but this may
take considerable effort.  The more reports of problems with these
functions, the more effort should be
brought in to build and implement these functions.
It also appears that you are using a program that is dependent on other
functions that are implemented
elsewhere in the Windows environment.


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