[Wine] inspecting win32 .dll from linux

Scott Serr serrs at theserrs.net
Mon Dec 17 00:36:51 CST 2007


I'd like to look at the file properties of a win32 .dll file from 
Linux.  I desire the entries that you normally see under the "Version" 
tab in the file's properties like:  "Company", "File Version", "Internal 

I suspect that there is nothing out there that is just a simple Linux 
program that does this, so that is why I am here.  (searched quite a bit)

I think I have 2 options:
- find some code in the wine project that does this?!  somewhere in the 
build dll code?
- write or find a windows exe that uses the standard windows calls and 
call that from wine.  (hoping to find something that would dump it to 

Any thoughts or helpful hints?  Are there specs somewhere on how to 
disassemble this information out of a DLL?


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