[Wine] Regression in wine 0.9.38? (menu items cut off after 1st word)

Austin English austinenglish at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 4 22:52:51 CDT 2007


Benjamin Schallar <benjamin.dev at schallar.com> wrote: In the recent wine 0.9.38 release words in menus are cut off after the
first word (i.e. if you have a menu item called "add directory" all you
see is "add _", the underscore is optional however, no idea on what
condition its appearance depends on, maybe shortcut key.)

Could this possibly be a regression? This bug didn't occur in previous
releases (at least not in 0.9.37) - tested on Debian Etch with the
packages built by Scott Ritchie.

I did try building wine a few days before the 0.9.38 release as well and
stumbled upon the bug as well, however I thought I did something wrong
during configuration before I built the whole release. As this problem
still persists in the version tagged 0.9.38 however I doubt it.

Is anyone else experiencing the same bug?

- Benjamin

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