[Wine] Re: Strange display error.

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at dougshost.invalid
Mon Mar 19 00:47:04 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:

> Doug Laidlaw <laidlaws at dougshost.invalid> wrote:
>> The jigsaw program starts completely normally, the thumbnails are exactly
>> as they were when I described them last time I posted, but the playing
>> area is
>> a solid colour with no pieces.  It has the colour I set before - in fact,
>> one has different colours for the two screens, something that I don't
>> think
>> will happen under Windows itself.  Reinstalling the program, and
>> reinstalling Wine, doesn't help.  Starting the Windows installation with
>> Wine (old style - running wine + the executable in my Win98 SE directory)
>> behaves exactly the same way.  The messages in a terminal are unchanged,
>> just repeated: fixme:bitblt:X11DRV_BitBlt potential optimization -
>> client-side DIB copy
>> It is very strange that this is the only problem.  I don't see how it can
>> be
>> Wine, but are there any other tests I can run?  The version of Wine seems
>> to be irrelevant, but for the record, the installed one is 0.9.12.  I
>> have
>> also tried 0.9.14 and the result of my wine-git tests.  All are the same.
>> I made sure to delete the program's .ini file when reinstalling.
> Have you tried contacting the developers of your jigsaw program? Maybe
> they are willing to help you or at least provide some insights into what
> might be the problem...
> Daniel

No, I haven't, Daniel. It works quite O.K. under Windows.  It must be a
corrupted file somewhere in my O.S.  It works perfectly under Mandriva07 beta 
as well.  It doesn't share any directories.  Logging in as
a different user, in case it was something in my /home, made no difference.  
It will be something strange, whatever it is.

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