[Wine] Re: Can't run old program

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:47:16 CDT 2007

Lassi <lassi.syvanen at gmail.com> wrote:
> ~/.wine/drive_c/WKP> WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ddeml=n" wine winedbg
> wkp.exe
> WineDbg starting on pid 0xa
> 0x7b870be6: movl        %edi,0x0(%esp)
> Wine-dbg>cont
> First chance exception: page fault on write access to 0x000f0400 in
> 32-bit code
> (0x601cc0d7).

Hmm. That is not the error you got before. It seems the behaviour
depends on the presence of a debugger, which makes it more difficult.
However, I just realized something rather obvious:
The program you are using contains 16 bit code (where the first crash
you had occured). Wine is not really good in that area. Was the program
originally written for Windows 3.11? In that case, a possibility is
obtaining an old copy of that and running it in e.g. qemu.


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