[Wine] Re: Which version ? Advice please.

Aggro spammerdream at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 00:47:52 CDT 2007

Paul Williamson wrote:

> I believe 0.9.21-15.1 is the latest version, and I can see how Yast might
> be getting confused (I think it was mentioned in this group a while ago),
> but could some one please re-assure me that the "security" reason for the
> 20050725-3.2 has been fully dealt with in 0.9.21-15.1 ?

As no-one else answered to you... I'm not 100% certain about this, but 
I'm sure enough that I wouldn't have a fear about using the latest 
version. Usually the security updates are first added to the cvs/svn 
from where new versions are released and after that the older releases 
are patched if there were security related fixes. So it would be really 
weird if the latest version would have a security hole that has been 
patched on older version.

> Also, does anyone here happen to know how I can tell Yast Online Update to
> stop tryng to get me to install the older version ? 

Perhaps by uninstalling it from the Yast and then installing it from 
other route so that Yast doesn't know that you have it installed. I have 
very little experience on Yast so this might not work, you might better 
better answer from a newsgroup that is more related to Suse.

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