[Wine] Re: Erreur Automation

ddurand durand.d at 9online.fr
Mon Mar 19 00:48:21 CDT 2007

dank wrote:
> ddurand wrote:
> I can't reproduce this problem here.  Loading visuged with
> roughly the latest Wine (0.9.22), and importing the gedcom torture test
> file
> http://www.geditcom.com/gedcom.html
> works fine here, or at least the app doesn't crash.
> Exactly what version of Wine are you using,
the latest 0.9.22

 where did you get
from the site of Wine
package for kubuntu at
deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt dapper main

> it, how did you install it?
with Apt

> Can you reproduce the problem if you install visuged in a fresh
> .wine directory with no native DLLs?
But what "native DLLs" ?
I've no Windows iinstallation on my computer, only Linux Kuubntu

> Can you import the torture test files
> ( http://www.geditcom.com/downlds/TestGED.zip ) with it?
The problem is :
I demand to import ged file, OK ; after Visuged ask to save a *.mdb
file and at this moment, I get the error message : "Automation

thanks for helping
 - Daniel

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