[Wine] Re: Opening wine-based applications from Firefox?

Vernon Balbert vbalbert at gmail.nospam.com
Mon Mar 19 00:48:35 CDT 2007

On 10/2/2006 3:12 PM, lifemonster at googlemail.com went clickity clack on 
the keyboard and produced this interesting bit of text:
> Daniel Skorka wrote:
>> lifemonster at googlemail.com wrote:
>>> My question: does anyone know of a way to feed Firefox the complete
>>> filepath to the correct application?
>> Do you know what this NG is about?
>> Daniel
> Actually ... yes, I think I do.
> On the other hand, maybe I should apologise for not being aware that
> you decide which wine-related questions are acceptable.

I think the reason why he asks is because there's a perfectly acceptable 
version of Firefox that doesn't require Wine.  This makes your original 
question somewhat confusing.  Why would you want to run the Windows 
version of Firefox under Wine instead of using the native Linux version?

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