[Wine] Re: Running multiple versions of WINE

Paul Romanyszyn pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:24 CDT 2007

Kurt wrote:
> Olaf Leidinger wrote:
>> Hello!
>>>   Can someone point me to instructions or FAQ on a logical way of 
>>> running
>>> multiple versions of WINE at the same time.  What I am getting at is 
>>> sometimes
>>> an application fails to run with the latest and greatest of WINE.  
>>> Sometimes an
>>> ap runs better with a newer version of WINE.
>> Perhaps you could also try to find out what's wrong with the latest
>> wine version as you probably found a regression.
>> Ciao,
>> Olaf
> Aaaaah,
>   If I was that smart, I'd become a developer and help out. Then again,
> if I was that smart, I wouldn't be asking how to run different versions
> eh?
>                             Best regards,
>                               Kurt
Using your package manager (RPM or APT) it would be difficult or 
impossible to set up different installed versions. So to run different 
versions you need to compile from source and run from the source tree of 
each version.
Once you set up the required tool chain to compile you can do regression 

Finding regressions takes time to compile but that can happen in 
background while are using your system.
Start with getting the Git tool working.

Once it is working from the wine source directory you can use the 
following to update your source to latest.
git-checkout -f

in the wine Source directory run ./configure --verbose
It will spit out what is missing. Using that info find and install the 
missing libs.

Then to compile your source use:
./configure && make clean && make depend && make

See section 6 of the GitWine for bisecting.

Paul R.

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